Happy Memorial Day!

on Monday, May 25, 2009

How is everyone enjoying this amazingly beautiful day? My hubbs and I aren't :-( We are both sick! How lame is that? I was really hoping to feel better by the weekend, but that didn't really happen. I did manage to make an appearance at a G family BBQ on Saturday, my BFF Crystal's BBQ and Hubbs BFF Sergio's BBQ yesterday, but I was certainly not the life of the party. I was really hoping that today would be the magical day that I would feel great, but not so much. I am now thinking that I am just plain sick, and this feeling isn't so much related to my surgery. Who knows? Then to top it off, the poor hubbs woke up feeling like total crap today too. Aren't we a match made in heaven?

I did promise some updates of what has been going on with us lately, so here is a quickie:

  • We celebrated our 3 year anniversary in style by enjoying a uber-delicious dinner at Onyx Fusion in Springfield. Love you honey!

  • We had my mother, brother and my mom's man over for Mother's Day brunch. We ate, talked, laughed, reminisced, and truly enjoyed ourselves. I gave my mom 2 new charms for her Pandora bracelet...an angel and her birthstone. After brunch, we went to the local garden center and picked out some plants to spruce up the G household. Unfortunately, while planting hostas out front, my mother took a bad step and sprained her ankle :-( We rushed her off to the emergency room and were fortunate to be out of the hospital in less than 1.5 hours. Poor mumma...she comes over for a nice Mother's Day and we sent her home injured. She was such a good sport about it. In all the commotion, I forgot to take a picture of everyone, but I did snap a few of the plants. J's parents also came over for dinner that day and we BBQ'd.

  • Weddings galore! We recently went to a Jack and Jill (fun, but I was totally bummed that we didn't win anything at the raffle and J's friend Sean won not one but two prizes!!!). Then, not one but two of our friends got engaged last week! Crazy!!! One of them is J's best friend, and J is so excited to be in his first wedding (besides ours, of course!). We've got a wedding this coming Saturday (we were actually invited to 2 that day, but alas we cannot be in 2 places at once), one in June, one in September and one in October. Oh boy...it's going to be a busy 2009!

  • Prom!!! My little bro had his Senior Prom last weekend, and since my mom was in Nashville for work, I had to fill in and be on picture duty. I can't believe my little bug! Isn't he so handsome!?!? They were so fun and totally indulged my crazy demands for every prom pose imaginable (and some others too!). I also snagged an awesome bouquet of lilacs from my mom's yard. They filled the house with the most amazing fragrance for days!

  • Work. Back to work for me tomorrow. This past week has been no vacation, I am still feeling yucky, and now I've got to get caught up from missing a week. Should be fun...NOT! At least it's only a 4 day week.

Well, I think that's about it for now. I am too zonked to think of anything else anyway. I am going to drag myself through finishing my chores and try to get some rest. I hope everyone had a great long weekend and is kicking off summer in style!

Spoke Too Soon

on Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh boy! Remember when I said that recovery from surgery hasn't been as bad as I expected? How wrong I was. Shortly after signing off from blogger yesterday, I got sick. Real sick. And I'm so congested. And I'm still bleeding. And I have a killer headache. Dr. called in an rx for new pain meds and meds for nausea...neither of which has been very helpful. I woke up every 1/2 hour to 1 hour last night. I feel like major arse. This blows!

Please let me feel some relief when I get these splints out tomorrow!!!

All is Well

on Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Surgery went off without a hitch yesterday. I'm feeling rather uncomfortable, and as a result, I haven't gotten much sleep...hence the reason I am posting so early in the am. But, even though I am uncomfortable, have been bleeding quite a bit and haven't gotten more than 3 hours of sleep, it really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I am really anxious to see how I feel after everything is all healed up!

I know I promised lots of updates this week, and I will get to them, but right now definitely isn't the time. I'm feeling a little dizzy and out of it and I'm due for another dose of pain killers, which I'm hoping will knock me out for a few hours. I could really use it!

I am really glad that the surgery is now behind me and I am on the road to recovery. It truly is a relief!


Sorry if this post is a little incoherent. I've re-read it a few times and can't quite decide if it makes any sense!

Many Updates...

on Thursday, May 14, 2009

To come soon :-) I have many things to blog about including a fabulous anniversary celebration, a fun night out at a Jack and Jill, a wonderful Mother's Day turned Mother's Day fiasco, some gardening (sort of), craziness at work and much, much more! But, I am going to wait until next week to blog about this all because...I am having surgery on Tuesday!

The day has finally (almost) arrived! I am dreading it but looking forward to getting it over with. I've gotten everything lined up...all pre-op testing and paperwork done, applied for STD (that's short-term disability people!), gotten everything at work all set for my absence, so now's it's just waiting for the day to get here. I know it's not that big of a deal, but considering the biggest surgery I've ever had is having my wisdom teeth out (which was NOT a good experience), I am a little nervous and apprehensive. I'm sure all will be fine and I will be back to normal in no time.

So, since I am going to be home for 4 days next week (Tuesday is surgery day, and I'll be out of work for the rest of the week all laid out and packed up (my nose, that is)), I figure that I am going to be uber-bored and need something to do. So, what's better to do that blog!?!

See you next week blog-buddies!

3 Glorious Years!

on Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Baby! Being married to you is a dream come true and I cannot believe how incredibly lucky I am to be married to the man of my dreams, the love of my life. Just when I think I could not possibly adore you anymore that I already do, you do something that makes me fall even farther and deeper for you. I love you more than words can describe.

Thank you for the best 3 years that anyone could ever have or ever want. You make life worth living. I love you now and always.

Here's to the next 3 years and many, many more beyond that!

Testing, Testing

on Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hey you bloggers out there! Did you know that you can post to your blog via email? Maybe I'm just behind the times, but I just discovered this! This is the perfect solution for a blogger whose work blocks the blogger website (lame!).

So, this is a test to see if the emailing thing actually works. Keep your fingers crossed!

Visits Galore!

on Monday, May 4, 2009

Howdy friends! How was your weekend? Ours was filled with visits, visits and more visits.

We began Friday night with our friends Sean and Lindsay coming over for pizza, beers (well, beers for them and wine for me) and hockey. Go Bruins! Hubby can't contain his excitement for Boston sports this year. As cute as it is, I am a little sports-ed out :-)

Saturday involved some shopping and more visits with friends. I hit up TJ Maxx, which I very rarely do, and to my surprise there were lots of great finds. I probably could have spent twice as much as I did! I got a new purse, 2 pairs of shoes and 3 cute summer tops. Very exciting! Then I took a trip to the mall to return a couple of tops that I got at Ann Taylor Loft last weekend (yes, I know...shopping 2 weekends in a row is not the best idea when you want to save money, but I just couldn't help myself!). I exercised great self-restraint and didn't do anymore shopping while I was at the mall. When I got home, the hubby and I decided to go over to our friends Dave and Cammi's house to watch the Celtics game. We ordered Chinese, drank wine and watched the C's victory over the Bulls! Woo Hoo!

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day, but fun and filled with visits as well. After catching up on some DVR, I hit the home gym for my first Chalean Extreme workout and then was surprised with some visitors! Crystal and her daughter stopped over, and as always, it was great to catch up with them. Crystal and I looked through tons of old photos and talked about old times. It's so nice to walk down memory lane once in a while! Then, after Crystal left, we were graced with the presence of Sean, Lindsay (yes, the same two from Friday night) and Dave (not the Dave from Saturday night...apparently it was a popular name in the early 80's...we have 3 friends named Dave). More hockey and hanging out...always a fun time.

Now the weekend is over (boo!) and it's back to business. Happy first week of May!

Scouts Honor

on Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am so proud of my little brother! Besides being the best brother in the world, Chris is now an Eagle Scout! A very rare and prestigous honor that very few individual ever receive. His committment, determination, compassion and integrity have brought him so far, and he's only 18! I am so exicted to be part of his life...he truly is a special individual! Love you bug!

Want to get EXTREME?

on Saturday, May 2, 2009

I am now the proud owner of the "Chalean Extreme" program, an intense circuit training program proven to burn body fat and increase metabolism. It's not like I have a bunch of weight to lose or anything...most people would probably consider me to be fit and in shape...but I personally believe that fitness is a constant journey. I must never feel content. I must always continue to push myself to the next level. I've done the cardio thing...running, spinning, kickboxing, step...so now it's time for a new challenge. I love Chalene's Turbo Jam videos, so when I saw this new workout program that is heavily based in weightlifting, I just had to give it a try.
Today I am performing my fitness assessment, taking my measurements, calculating my body fat, and (gulp!) taking my "before" photos. Tomorrow the torture (meant in the best way possible, of course) begins. I will be sure to keep you updated on my progress and (hopefully) results. In 90 days, this girl is going to be a mean, lean fat-burning machine!

Spice it up, baby!

on Friday, May 1, 2009

Ever feel like you are stuck in a rut? I am having a hard time reconciling this feeling, because let me tell you, life has been anything but boring lately. But, I can't help but have this feeling like I need to spice it up. Maybe it's the spring's sudden arrival making me need to feel so alive, but whatever the cause, I have this burning passion inside me to do anything and everything I can think of!

So, here is to mixing it up and making it happen! I am going to take full advantage of this feeling inside me to live the life I feel so passionate about living. I don't ever want to have regrets, and I certainly don't want to waste the short amount of time I have here on this Earth with monotony and boredom. For me, life is about the experiences that I have. I love feeling like I did something...anything!

Out with the old, rut-stuck, winter mindset and in with the new, adventuresome spirit I feel building from deep inside. I hope you'll stick with me through my little "mini-revival" I've got going on. I hope my passion is contagious, because this feeling that I have that some very exciting things are on my horizon, is fun, exhilarating, and in my opinion, what life truly is about.