Worst Blogger Ever

on Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I know I am. It's alright...I've accepted it.

I've got plenty of time to update now...I am sooooo bored. For the past 2 weeks, I've been in "hurry up and finish" mode at work. Well, guess what? I finished. And now, I'm left with very little to do. I don't know how many more times I can read the news or check the weather. I still need to pack up my desk, but how much time can that take? And, that doesn't need to be done until Friday, and sadly, it's only Wednesday. Thankfully I have lunch plans for the next two days...tomorrow with all my Springfield campus MM friends and Friday with my department (my "goodbye" lunch!). So, hopefully those lunches will be nice and long and take up a few hours of my last few days in Finance. Being a "lame duck" is really lame and I am so ready to work hard! I absolutely cannot wait until Monday - the start of my new career!!!

In other news, I am really excited for tomorrow...my running club begins! I will be running a 5k tomorrow evening at Ashley Reservoir in Holyoke. I went on an exploratory run there last week, so I know where to go and what to expect. This is actually one of the coolest places I've ever run. The running path goes right through the middle of the reservoir, so you have water on both sides! Very beautiful and very unique. Plus, I bet being surrounded by water will make for a nice breeze once summer comes (if it ever does).

In another sure sign of the seasons to come, John and I bought a new grill this weekend! We're big time grillers, and sadly, we've always only had the cheesy $99 grills from Walmart. Well, our ghetto grill finally bit the dust. Our ignitor broke early last grilling season, but we still held off on getting a new grill (despite John nearly set himself on fire trying to light the grill...multiple times). The grill stopped cooking well last year as well. Everything would either burn in like 2 minutes or never cook at all. The final straw was when the grill blew over and broke in one of the crazy wind storms we've had this year. It was clear that our grill had long passed it's prime. So, rather than replace it with yet another ghetto Walmart grill, we decided to invest in a nice one. We picked up our beautiful new Weber gas grill yesterday and it is awesome! Although it was a rainy and windy day yesterday, we broke in the new grill with some very yummy steak and veggie kebabs.

Now, on the not-so-positive side of the seasons to come, John put me to work this past weekend! We raked, then we raked, and then we raked some more. My poor arms were so sore! Bailey loved it though (she especially loved running through and diving into the leaf piles...funny to watch for a minute, until you realize you have to re-rake it all up!). We also picked up the 42 billion pine tree branches that had fallen into our yard during the harsh winter months. And then after that, John made me rake more. He is so determined to have a nice lawn this year (although, to be honest, I thought our lawn was just fine before). Apparently my husband is a grass snob. Sure, there were some weeds, but who doesn't have weeds? As long as we kept the lawn mowed, you really couldn't tell. But, what do I know about lawns? So, in addition to the grill purchase this weekend, we also purchased grass seed, and seed dispenser and Scott's Step 1. Who knew that it took so much work to have a nice lawn. I guess I've always thought that grass was grass and it would just grow. Oh, how wrong I was!

So, clearly we're well prepared for spring and summer. Now, if it would only arrive!