Hello, Lover!

on Sunday, February 15, 2009

This. Is. Mine.

More details to follow soon!

Pup Pup Playtime

on Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This past weekend, our friends Nick and Elaine, and their puppy Rocco, came to visit. It was wonderful to see them! Most of our time was consumed by watching the dogs play. While outside (we took them to the park twice), they were fantastic together! They were both very content running around and enjoying the freedom. At home, it was a slightly different story. Bailey was not as loving and gentle toward Rocco as I expected her to be. She growled at him...a lot. Although I think much of that growling was playful growling, some of it was definitely a little meaner. Bailey seemed to have fun playing with Rocco for a while, but given the fact that my girl is 6 now, she just doesn't have the stamina of a 5 month puppy. And when she tired out and Rocco wanted to keep going, she got a little snippy with him :-( She did not fight or hurt him in anyway, but she was definitely trying to send a message. She also was less than pleased when he tried to do what boy puppies do, if you know what I mean ;-) Anyway, overall I think it was a success and I look forward to many more visits with The A Family (both here and at their home) in the future!

Now to the fun stuff...pictures! These were taken late in the evening, after exhaustion had set in. Sleeping pups are good pups!

Well, since it's 50 degrees outside...yes, 50!!!...and I am off from work today (CT Scan this morning...won't get results until the 23rd), I am off to take my special girl on a looooong walk/hike.

Today I am thankful for hints of spring. Although I know we have a ways to go, and more cold, winter weather is inevitable, these sporadic warm days makes me feel like we're getting there. Enjoy it!

Happy Half Birthday to Me!!!

on Tuesday, February 3, 2009

That's right...I am officially at the half way point between 27 and 28 today. And the significance of this is? Well, not much. But, I always remember that February 3rd is my half birthday from way back in the day when I was 16 and just counting down the days until I turned 16 1/2 and could get my license. So, there it is...I'm 27 and a half :-)

Other than that, I don't have a whole lot to talk about so I'll just recap some of my random thoughts...

  • CT scan is set for next Wednesday. Let's all pray that it goes smoothly and doesn't reveal any problems other than the deviated septum that we already know about.

  • I watched the movie "The Women" this weekend and I actually kind of liked it. I rented it because (a) J was on an ice fishing trip with his father, so I got the rare opportunity to watch a "chick flick", and (b) supposedly my friend Sarah was in the movie as an extra in a restaurant scene (I was never able to spot her...boo). But, alas, I liked the movie.

  • J and I made plans to go bowling with my dad and sister this past Sunday. When we walked into the bowling alley and over to the lane where my dad and sister were waiting for us, guess who was on the lane next to us? My mom and brother! Totally coincidence and completely unexpected. And a little surreal for me. Very fun though!

  • My renewed commitment to working out (for like the millionth time) has resulted in a VERY sore back. I guess at least I know it's working!

  • I am embarrassed to admit it, but I am so hooked on "The Bachelor" this season! It's down to the final four ladies, and I can't wait to find out who he picks. Go Melissa! And, not just because we share the same fabulous name, but because she is the coolest by far. I was sad to see Stephanie go last night, but was glad to see that she stayed as classy as ever through the goodbye.

  • Finally, J and I are about to celebrate our 8th dating anniversary! Although we now have a wedding anniversary, and that day is spectacularly more meaningful as it was the day that we became man and wife and joined our lives together forever, our dating anniversary will always hold a special place in my heart.
Have a great week everyone! I'll be seeing you around the blog soon! In case you haven't noticed, I've been trying to include more pictures in my posts lately, and since I don't really have one that goes with this post, I figured I'd just include one that I like. Enjoy!

This is us after a night out in Vegas. Such a fun trip! The necklace that I am wearing was a gift that J gave me that night just because :-) I love this picture because it captures the real "us"...silly and fun loving!

Today I am thankful for finding my wallet! I was a nervous wreck when I though it was lost today and I will certainly be more careful with it going forward. Eek!

Busting Out

on Sunday, February 1, 2009

Of my exercise rut. This is what I need to do. A little history on my love/hate relationship with health and exercise...

In high school, I was super active. I was a die hard cheerleader (and captain of the squad, thank you very much) and never thought twice about fitness, weight or health. I sauntered into college with absolutely no good health habits...no exercise, eating whatever I wanted, etc... Let's just say that pizza and coke were a staple in my diet. My roommates were much more avid exercisers than I...I'd wave goodbye to them as they headed off to the gym or out for a run while eating my pre-packaged fudge brownies (I cringe at the thought of this now).

After college, I moved to Boston. And, for the first time in my life, I joined a gym. I tried really hard to go, but I had a job that was sucking the life out of me between it's long hours and frequent travel, so the gym often got put on the back burner. But, I did start eating a lot healthier at this point. It was the first time in my life that I started cooking and paying attention to what I was eating. After a year, I moved into the city (from the Boston burbs) and a year after that I ditched the life sucking job. I also found a new gym. And I went a lot! And then...I got engaged!!! And, of course, I was even that much more motivated to get in the best shape ever because I wanted to look amazing on my wedding day. I think I succeeded! Check out these fierce muscles...

And this tiny little waist!

After the wedding, my fitness journey continued. I began training for (and ran) a marathon!

After the marathon, my working out got derailed a bit thanks to a pesky knee injury. But, alas, I healed and got back to exercising. Unfortunately, I don't think I've ever gotten back to my pre-wedding/marathon training level. Back then, I had such a high level of dedication, motivation and success. I was a lean, mean exercising machine. But now, nearly three years later, I feel like I'm "phoning it in", as Jillian Michaels would say. And, as much as I hate to admit it, I am not looking as fierce as I was just a few short years ago. That's not to say that I'm looking bad, because I don't think I am by any means. I'm still wearing the same size clothes as I was back then. But, I just don't think I look as fit and trim, and I certainly don't feel like I am. So, I've decided it's time to stop making excuses. I am vowing that I will be feeling fierce again by Memorial Day, as I consider the start of summer. Here's the plan...

Cardio - I must do some serious cardio. That was the key to my fierceness back in 2006. Any kind of cardio will do, so I will split my time between the treadmill, the elliptical, turbo jam, tae bo, step, and every other cardio video I have. I will try new cardio classes. I will get out and walk the dog whenever I can. I will take a walk during my lunch breaks. I will just get moving more! At a minimum, I must put in at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday. No excuses! Even if I am tired, I can manage to walk 30 minutes on the tread. And on days I'm feeling super energized and motivated, I'll do more. I always feel amazing after a serious sweat session and I will use that knowledge as my motivation.

Weights - Any knowledgeable exerciser knows that weight training is essential to any fitness program, so I will be sure to include plenty of it. At least 3 days a week, I will pump some iron in one form or another. Whether it be free weights, videos, machines, resistance bands, etc... I will work my muscles from head to toe. I will make myself stronger than ever before.

I know this isn't some earth shattering plan, or even that interesting, but it helps me to put it in writing. Set a goal and see it in front of me. I've been think about this a lot, and talking to J about it even more, but it's now time to stop talking about it and get started. I'll be sure to keep you updated if you promise to keep me accountable.

Today I am thankful for my rockin' home gym and my fantastic mother who has practically furnished the whole thing. I will utilize my resources to their fullest to be my healthiest self possible.