on Monday, September 14, 2009

We have FINALLY booked a trip to our condo in Sarasota, Florida!  I could not possibly be more excited to (1) finally see our vacation home that we purchased several months ago, and (2) take a long overdue vacation that we both desperately need.  It's been a crazy and tough year for many reasons, and I can think of no better way to de-stress and forget about past ills than laying on one of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S. with my wonderful hubby, just the 2 of us!  Can you believe that we have not been on a vacation by ourselves since college?!?  Bliss!!!


In other news, life at the G household has been very busy these past few weeks.  I will be updating y'all very soon on:

  • Sergio and Maura's Labor Day Weekend Wedding
  • Bed collapse disaster turned fabulous DIY bedroom makeover
  • J & M's work out mania
  • Planning my mother's surprise 50th birthday party
  • Other miscellany in our lives
Merry Monday!

Forever in our hearts

I want to take this opportunity to honor John's great aunt Jo-Anne, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on September 2nd at the age of 72.  Jo-Anne was one of the sweetest, warmest, most friendly people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  She will be missed very much.