Dreams Really Do Come True

on Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last night after getting home from a long day (OK, OK...so I was getting a pedicure), enjoying dinner with my hubby and catching up on our day, I went about my normal evening routine.  See, every night before I settle in to watch TV or read a book, I always wash my face, moisturize (got to prevent those wrinkles!) and brush my teeth.  Last night was no different than any other until I went it to wash my face.  That's when I discovered that there was a clog in the bathroom sink and it wasn't draining properly.  Naturally, I called in my handyman hubby to fix the situation.  Well, that didn't go exactly as planned.  Instead of fixing the clog (or rather in an effort to fix the clog), my hubby completely removed the sink from the wall.  And half of the ugly yellow tile is down.  You may be asking yourself "how do you go from a clogged sink to a complete bathroom remodel?"  Let me explain...
I've been longing for a bathroom remodel since the day we moved into our house.  I despise our bathroom, specifically the heinous yellow tile that covers half the walls and the entire shower surround.  Just awful.  We've tried to work with it, and the bathroom did look better thanks to our efforts, but there is just only so much one can do with ugly yellow tile.  For the past 3.5 years, I've been begging my hubby to take the tile down and his excuse for not doing it was that he didn't want to disconnect the sink (something about old plumbing and hard to hook it up).  Last night's escapades threw that excuse right out the window.  In a moment of weakness, I convinced him that this is the perfect time to reno the bathroom.  Before he could say no, we were ripping down the tile thus committing ourselves to a beautiful new bathroom.  And, the renovation is in full swing!  We were at the Home Depot at 7 AM this morning to pick out new tile for the shower surround (yay!), a new sink and vanity (goodbye pedestal sink!) and wainscoting for the walls (love!).  I still haven't decided on a color scheme, but I am so excited about the fact that I can actually have any color scheme I want versus having it dictated to us by the gawd awful yellow that was the bathroom.  I am sure there will be lots of browsing the internet today to get inspired and the sky is the limit!  The only color I KNOW it won't be?  Yellow.
My dreams of a non-ugly bathroom is finally coming true!