No More Trouble Zones

on Monday, December 21, 2009

Equals no more walking without excruciating pain.  Holy moly! 
I have a love/hate relationship with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred...I found it to be a very challenging yet quick workout (love) but I also thought that each individual exercise went on too long and that 20 minutes a day just wasn't enough time to get real results on a long-term basis (hate).  So, while browsing my newest obsession on Saturday morning, Exercise TV On Demand, I noticed that Jillian had some other workouts available besides 30DS.  My interest was peaked. 
So, into my workout clothes I got and settled on trying her No More Trouble Zones "Express" workout.  It's a 40 minute workout similar in nature to 30DS, but it fixes all of the elements about 30DS that I did not like.  First off, it's 40 minutes.  I think this is a great length for a workout...not so short that you don't get benefits/results, but not so long that it takes up half your day.  Second, while you repeat moves in NMTZ like you do in 30DS, the length of each set is shorter, which makes this workout much more bearable.  Instead of repeating 2 exercises twice in each circuit (30DS), you repeat 5 exercises twice in each circuit, with each of the 5 exercises lasting just long enough that you really feel the burn, but not so long that you want to die or rip your limbs off so you don't have to do anymore reps.
The results?  I am 2 days post-NMTZ and moving is a four letter word.  Plain and simple, I hurt.  I am thrilled, however, that I found such a great workout and as soon as I can move better than an 85 year-old, I will be doing it again.  Hey, I may even try the real NMTZ workout (i.e., not "Express"), but, I think I'd better save that adventure for a time when movement won't be require for, oh I don't know...a week? afterward :-)