Now I Remember

on Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why we haven't renovated the bathroom before now.  Because renovations suck.  Our bathroom is completely ripped sink, huge holes in the wall, no shower curtain (made for a really fun shower this morning), plastic completely covering the newly tiled shower walls. 
But, I really shouldn't complain.  This was my idea after all, and poor J is getting stuck with the brunt of the work.  He demoed and tiled his tail off yesterday and managed to finish all of the tiling (of course, grouting still remains to be done, but that's the easy least easier than putting the tile up).  The tile looks fabulous and I can just tell that our bathroom is going to look A-W-E-S-O-M-E when it is done (which feels like a million years away right now, especially considering that we've opted to renovate right in the thick of holiday season and right before our trip to Sarasota/Key West).  But, I digress.  I begged and pleaded with J to get the shower curtain rod put back up today so that showering does not equal (1) total exposure to the bathroom, and (2) a small flood.  J hopes to do that and get the grouting done today, but I think that might be a bit on the optimistic side, especially considering that these things always take longer than anticipated (case in point, he thought tiling would take a few hours at most and we weren't in bed until almost 1:00 this morning).  Slowly but surely we'll get there.  I just need to be patient.
One other totally awesome thing about this...when I got home last night (after taking my life into my own hands by going to Walmart 3 days before Christmas) our friend and electrician, Salty (anyone that went to our Jack and Jill will fondly remember him as the belligerent raffle announcer), was roughing in an outlet for our gorgeous bathroom-to-be.  That's right, folks, we have not had a bathroom outlet in nearly 4 years.  Truly an we've learned to live with, but an inconvenience nonetheless.  SO. TOTALLY. COMPLETELY. EXCITED!!!